Extreme volume and gorgeous eyelashes with just few strokes.

Here we are, presenting a new mascara, THE MASCARA!

THINK BIG! We really thought big and there it is… the protagonist of the last part of the Concept Hub 2020 collection.

A very chic mascara, with a simple but elegant line, luxuriously dressed in a black shiny lacquering anodization and made even more prestigious by the embossed decoration.

Member of our aluminum DOLOMITI line, it is a packaging designed to provide the maximum value to the finished product, which boasts technical specifications for the best extreme volumizer on your lashes:

The chosen applicator is well calibrated in every aspect and a good release on lashes is guaranteed.

The base is wider than the tip and creates a large recess which, together with the low density, allows to incorporate a rich quantity of product. The longitudinal cut, which rises in a spiral starting from the base, emphasizes the load to release it generously on the eyelashes.

Finally, the special Pibiplast Flower fiber is not less efficient in its task and once again it proves to be successful.

An applicator that, combined with specific formulas for volume and extra volume, makes the lashes incredibly full and thick, for a seductive look.

 The range of mascaras proposed this year meets the requests of hitting various types of performance for different eyelashes, however, we studied new brushes and various concepts, already available to meet the needs of new projects.

But we do not stop here! We are already working on many new features that we will unveil over the next year… the Concept Hub continues.