We are ready to reveal the additional part of the “Concept Hub” collection and offer you brand new “tools” for make-up.

We deny that with the use of the mask it is not possible to make a complete make-up, indeed some areas need to be treated more to give greater emphasis and to treat the skin. Pibiplast offers the right packaging for face products.

The foundation, always an excellent ally to even out the complexion, long-lasting or water-based for a more natural effect, is perfect in our Adry line, presented in the 35 ml size: you have found the ideal packaging for this product, FOUND IT!

Then join 3 small allies, for “niche” face products, each combined with a particular flocked applicator in shape and performance. They are in the Montalcino line, in high thickness Petg: a concealer that is a must in the makeup pouch, to cover bags and dark circles and keep the secret just for us, KEEP IT SECRET, a highlighter to create brighter areas on the face and décolleté, FOCUS ON, and finally a contouring, to sculpt and create shadows on some areas of the face, COUNT ON ME.

New mascaras of course, both in the Positano line! The most visible part in this period are the eyes: this is the year when the EYES INDEX is born. We have already given great proposals in the previous months and mascara remains the core business of Pibiplast, with our expertise in the production of excellent applicators.

So here is MULTIPLASH, captivating mascara, with an immediate release, to obtain an excellent extra volume effect, thanks to an applicator that changes shape, from football to hourglass, made with our stiffer Flower fiber to also give that extra touch of panoramic effect.

The other newcomer is ELASHTHICK, with a brush suitable for lengthening, defining and thickening at the same time the eyelashes.

Do you feel like trying them?