Beard style. What a beard … what Packaging!

Pibiplast originates packaging for beard care products: beard packaging.

It was in the 1940s that the Hipsters, young American men who imitated the approach to life of Afro-American jazz musicians, took the world by storm.

Now back in fashion, the Hipster phenomenon has been given a contemporary reworking. The Hipster man creates his own alternative, sophisticated lifestyle, in which careful attention to his image plays a central part.

This trend has influenced fashion, the world of men’s grooming products, and daily routines. Nothing is left to chance, and the ideal of masculine beauty is achieved through a balanced mix of skin, hair and beard care.

Today, men are particularly aware of their looks. Their aim is not to achieve perfection, but to strive for a style which epitomises elegant neglect.

The beard and moustache are the key symbols of this cultural and social change and the new protagonists on the masculine beauty scene: they must be well kept to reflect the new trend to the full.

In partnership with a leading personal care product producer, at Cosmopack 2018 Pibiplast presents men’s packaging specifically for beard care products.

This Beard Packaging is the outcome of in-depth study of market trends. The line’s sleek, stylish black finish reflects male elegance and simplicity: a perfect combination.

The attractive design of the round-shouldere  Patricia and Anna bottles further enhances the line’s elegance. The 125 ml Patricia bottle is used for the sleek serum, a produce which softens male hair. The 150 ml Anna bottle, on the other hand, contains a softening oil, for application before shaving.

In spite of its name, the 200 ml Rachel bottle, with a typically masculine retro design, is adopted for the sleek serum which nourishes and moisturises the beard.

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