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  • Line of bottles in PET made by injection stretch moulding, available in various sizes ranging from 35ml to 75ml. With slim, cylindrical design in thick-wall material, all three bottles can be paired with a spray or lotion dispenser pump system with corresponding overcap, or with a screw cap that can also accommodate a reducer for optimal dosing of product. Available in R-PET and PET Bio Based
  • Wide range of bottles in PETG made by extrusion blow moulding, available in various sizes ranging from 30ml to 500ml to meet the most diverse requirements. The rounded-shoulder design, known as Boston Round, creates a very stylish overall look and the vast range of standard necks, tailor-made to be paired with caps readily available on the market, allows the range to be completed with closure systems produced in-house by Pibiplast (flip-top/screw caps, etc..) or with others purchased externally.