Pibiplast announces the new PibiRetail project: stock packaging for cosmetics, available also piece by piece.

Characterised by tradition, professional zeal, and quality, Pibiplast is the cosmetic packaging partner of many top international cosmetic brands

The skincare world is populated by many different business types. Young start-ups, for example, attempting to carve out a niche for their product lines in a fast changing market and hence seeking a top quality packaging solution.

Large quantities and complex decorations result in high costs that may conflict with budget limitations. Pibiplast has decided to respond to this type of demand by launching the Retail project.

PibiRetail means opportunity, because it places clients in the privileged position of being able to order products such as cosmetic containers and bottles without quantity constraints. A wide selection of cosmetic industry packaging solutions in the form of bottles and containers, available also piece by piece and customisable with closure systems, flip-top caps and pumps of various types. No constraints or limitations, so you can focus on selecting only the best cosmetic containers for a perfect fit with the needs of your organisation.

We tailor-made the PibiRetail project to keep it flexible, with the hallmark quality guarantee that accompanies all our products.

A simple and rapid service, Made in Italy throughout, supported by prompt, efficient logistics, with the reassurance of readily available stocks always on hand.

The Retail catalogue offers selected articles from the top skincare lines in Pibiplast’s standard production program. Cosmetic bottles and jars in different materials and capacities to meet any specification or market demand.

PibiRetail also allows clients to keep track of the special offers periodically posted on the Pibiplast website. Certain products held in stock are selected once a month on a rotation basis. This gives clients the opportunity to secure unique cosmetic containers at highly competitive prices.

Discover stock cosmetic packaging in the Retail and Special Offers section of Pibiplast.com or write to retail@pibiplast.com for more information.

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PibiRetail, Pibiplast group - packaging cosmetici