In these weeks of emergency the Pibiplast Group actively participates in the fight against the coronavirus

In this emergency period Pibiplast reacts and confirms its operational continuity in accordance with the actions taken by the Italian Government.

In order to do that, since the very beginning of the epidemy, the company has taken all measures and health precautions needed to protect the employees and to carry out the production activity respecting the maximum safety conditions in all its plants: Correggio, Robbiate, Tortona and Calenzano. All office duties, instead, continue the activity from home.

In terms of production, Pibiplast’s skin-care division has converted part of its manufacturing lines to meet the growing demand for hand sanitizer and disinfectant bottles. This choice was dictated by the will to support, as far as possible, those people who fight the emergency on the front line, namely Regional and National health, pharmacies, AUSLs, hospitals and all the companies that need this kind of bottles.

In order to respond promptly to the emergency, Pibiplast has intensified the production of bottles that are already part of its portfolio and meet the quality standards required by current legislation. Moreover, Pibiplast has strengthened the retail project, offering to its customers the possibility to order cosmetic containers and bottles without quantitative constraints.

Both actions involve the packaging lines considered most suitable for this purpose.

The offer includes bottles with capacities from 50ml and 100ml for personal use products, “purse size”, (e.g. John 100ml 3307; Iris 100ml 3496A; Giulia 50ml 3581 and 100ml 3582; Olivia 100ml 3604), passing by a couple of 200ml bottles (Giulia 3583 and Olivia 3506) to get until 500ml ones (Patricia 3344A and Martin 3345V), which can be paired with lotion dispensing pumps.

Pibiplast faces the emergency at its best, thanks to the effort of each employee. This experience puts a severe strain on everyone, but it is necessary to be confident and look to the future with hope and determination.