Pibiplast Green packaging

Eco-sustainable packaging, Pibiplast represents the global state of the art for cosmetics

Pibiplast Group has always partnered the world’s top international cosmetics players, and represents the state of the art in the eco-sustainable packaging world.

Thanks to the use of production processes with low environmental impact, waste reduction and recycling, and research into new raw materials, today Pibiplast can proudly claim to produce “cosm-ethical” packaging, to be launched at LUXE PACK 2018.

Pibiplast offers its customers two approaches for eco-sustainable cosmetic packaging; the use of raw materials from renewable sources or recycled material.

Recycling is one possible option in the green cosmetic packaging world. The regeneration of post-consumer recycled bottles is the basis for producing R-PET and R-PE cosmetic bottles, cutting CO² emissions.

This process maintains the technical characteristics of virgin PET and PE, although with some differences in appearance.

R-PET bottles still have an excellent level of transparency, with just a slightly greyish effect. R-PE bottles, on the hand, are an opaque grey colour, very different from those made from the virgin material. However, these effects can be concealed by adding colouring and/or through customised decoration by a variety of techniques. This achieves an attractive final appearance, in line with every customer’s needs.

Green packaging for the cosmetic world, now a viable option thanks to Pibiplast Group

Pibiplast offers additional cosmetic packaging solutions derived from renewable sources such as sugar cane: Green PE and Green PET.

Bottles made from Green PE, polyethylene from renewable sources, have exactly the same mechanical and appearance characteristics as low- and high-density PE.

The unit of measurement for renewable sources, BCC (bio-based carbon content) is the crucial factor for environmental protection. The higher bottles’ BCC is, the more CO² emissions are reduced. In terms of figures, Green PE can have a BBC of up to 97/98%.

Green PE can be mixed with petroleum-based PE and can be coloured with masterbatches or customised using a variety of decoration techniques.

100% plant-based PET does not yet exist: while the 30% ethanol content can be substituted with a renewable component, there is currently no alternative to petroleum-derived terephthalic acid. The result is a PET that is 30% bio-based.

Bottles produced using Green PET are identical in appearance to those made from virgin PET, with the same transparency, shine, colourability and decorability. However, these bottles’ BBC is never more than 20%.

Studies confirm that 40% of plastic waste consists of cosmetic packaging.

This spurs Pibiplast to constant renewal, combining its own principles with environmental concerns to make a real difference.

Pibiplast thinks green and aims to take a cosm-ethical approach. What about you?

Pibiplast Green Packaging
Pibiplast Green packaging