Discover our Make-Up packaging  for different occasions and with different interpretations, in the lives of women.

During Cosmoprof in Bologna Pibiplast presented a preview of its 2019 make up collection, the theme of which is how make-up is interpreted according to the occasion or lifestyle of a woman. Quick and easy, professional and sensory packaging and applicators designed for women, enabling them to take care of their looks wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

The desire of every woman is to feel good about themselves and their physical appearance at all times, something that goes beyond their personal lifestyle.

With this in mind Pibiplast proposes 3 make-up bags of products designed to meet the needs of the modern woman: Rushour, Cuddle Time and Tutorial Attitude.

3 pochette, 3 moments in the live of woman, here the perfect make-up packaging for you.


Time is precious especially when you are always on the move, rushing from one place to another like the modern woman. One thing a woman shouldn’t forsake though is her beauty routine: for this reason Pibiplast proposes a range of packaging and products that guarantee quick results and, thanks to the chosen applicators, reduce the likelihood of errors or smudging to a minimum…even if used in the car, on the metro or at a bar while you wait for your coffee to be served!

This cosmetic bag consists of four basic make-up products that no woman can do without:

MASCARA Thanks to Pibiplast’s exclusive flower fibre, the space between the bristles and the asymmetric spiral design of the brush which show where the product is concentrated, the application of the mascara to lashes is generous and immediate. Positano Line

LIQUID LIPSTICK The “teardrop” design of the applicator guarantees precise and full application. The lengthwise grooves increase the amount of the product collected, ensuring complete coverage in one application without any need to dip the applicator back in the bottle. Softness and flexibility for extremely comfortable application. Verona Line

EYELINER thanks to the moderate rigidity of the body and the microfibre flocking, the product remains on the surface of the applicator to guarantee complete and precise lines. The controlled curve of the tip makes the applicator ideal also for the rim of the lower eyelid. Monza Line

Concealer for covering skin blemishes. Thanks to its excellent curve and the brush made from special fibres, this product is designed to conceal blemishes on both the face and the eye contour area. Modena Line


Cuddle Time

The frenetic everyday lives of women are reflected in their physical appearance and our bodies send out clear messages telling us to stop, take a break and devote some time to pampering ourselves a little. Rather than the amount of time you dedicate to yourself, what really counts is the quality of this time.

After removing all impurities and remnants of your make-up using the cleansing milk, it is essential to rehydrate and regenerate the skin. But that’s not all. You also need to look after your lips and eyes.

With this in mind, Pibiplast has created a kit designed to help every woman pamper herself and relax after a long day at work. It consists of four items:

LASH PRIMER Thanks to the conical applicator which enables you to work on every single lash, it improves thickness with every application. The shape and “Boomerang” fibre allow you to measure and adjust the amount of product you wish to apply. Porto Cervo Line

LASH MASK To nourish and regenerate lashes, a neutral-coloured mascara that can also be worn during the night without having to worry about the risk of “panda eyes”. The applicator, a “flocked brush” that gently combs the lashes applying the right amount of the product, is an indulgence in itself. Porto Cervo Line

LIP SCRUB. The applicator with mixed flocking, a combination of soft and rigid fibres, allows you to remove dead cells or any lipstick residues left on the lips after removing your make-up. At the same time it releases a nourishing serum for a dual beneficial action on the lips. Montalcino Line

LIP BALM The application process becomes a moment of indulgence thanks to the applicator which curves and releases the product from horizontal grooves expertly designed to calibrate the amount of balm applied. The design improves the application procedure also using the back of the applicator. Modena Line


Tutorial Attitude

This make-up kit, meanwhile, is dedicated to women whose beauty routine is the bedrock of their day: make-up before all else!

The popularity of Beauty Influencers in the social media and the spread of tutorials on how to create simple and complex make-up products have given every woman the chance to become their own make-up artist.

Pibiplast has created a make-up bag of products that guarantee impeccable high-quality results without compromising on practicality. In fact, the various applicators, easy to use also for absolute beginners, allow you to apply different products in a precise and technically perfect manner.

MASCARA: the “spour” design and exclusive Pibiplast cross fibre make this mascara brush a trusty tool for applying precise and sophisticated make-up. The product is applied to the lashes in the desired quantity and you can increase volume according to taste without having to worry about grains forming. Its main feature is in any case its angular design which makes it easier to use and enables you to reach even the shortest and finest lashes on the inner edge of the eyelid. Positano Line

LIQUID EYE SHADOW: two eye shadows, one packaging. On one side a flat brush with a rounded tip that is able to collect a moderate quantity of the product which can be used to ensure even distribution across the eyelid or produce a second, thick line that can give a little colour to the eyeliner. On the other side a versatile spatula-shaped applicator, short and flat, for creating nuances of different intensities. Monza Line

EYEBROW MASCARA: the slim and slightly angled design of the applicator guarantees optimum release of the product. At the same time the surprising rigidity of the fibres enables you to shape and brush the eyebrows. Monza Line

LIQUID LIPSTICK: application begins with the narrow tip, perfe