Pibiplast is at MakeUp in New York with its new Make-up packaging solutions.

From 11th to 12th September, Pibiplast will be at the “MakeUp in New York” exhibition, booth E7 in Center 415.

Make-up certainly remains the most dynamic market in the Beauty sector, a segment whose main features are creativity and innovation. What’s more, MakeUp in New York is the ideal place to unveil new products.

MakeUp in New York is the American trade fair par excellence because it brings together all of the protagonists of the Make-up universe under one roof: manufacturers, packaging suppliers, make-up artists, make-up schools, start-ups and established brands. The show is an excellent opportunity for identifying new trends and the creation of unique B2B collaborations between different players in the cosmetics world.

Pibiplast will take advantage of this event showcasing the American market to present its latest products. First and foremost is the collection “Life is a collection of moments”.

Rushour, Cuddle Time, Tutorial Attitude and Sporty Time are four cosmetic bags with clean, linear packaging which come complete with efficient, easy-to-use applicators. They share a single goal: to allow every woman to take care of her appearance whenever and wherever she needs to: Life is a collection of moments! (link to news item on website)

MakeUp in New York will see the presentation of an original new make-up bag from the “Life is a collection of moments” line, designed to meet another requirement of every woman’s beauty routine. The keywords are waterproof and shine.

The fair will be an excellent showcase for the presentation of the two Green packaging solutions.

In fact, thanks to its use of production processes with low environmental impact, its reduction and recycling of waste, and its research into new raw materials, today Pibiplast can proudly claim to produce “cosm-ethical” packaging. We propose two solutions: the use of raw materials deriving from renewable source waste or from recycled material.

For Pibiplast, recycling represents an excellent opportunity in the Green packaging world. Indeed, the regeneration of post-consumer recycled bottles makes it possible to produce R-PET and R-PE bottles, reducing atmospheric CO² emissions.

Not just recycled materials. Pibiplast will be exhibiting its signature packaging deriving from renewable source waste, Green PE and Green PET.

Want to find out more and get details of all the latest developments?

Come and visit us at the trade fair and we’ll be pleased to present them to you together with all of the other Pibiplast-branded cosmetic packaging.

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