According to estimates, the Italian cosmetics sector will see a 2017 turnover nearly by 11 billion euro, with unstoppable growth for exports (9,5% from now through to the end of the year – 4.800 million euro).


Market Characteristics

Regarding the distribution channels, due to a renewed interest in well-being, sales of professional channels (hairstylists and beauty salons) are expected to finish th year with close to +2%. Large retail chains, have been driven by single brand products and special areas dedicated to home/personal care products, seeing upwards of 6% growth.

Very interesting is also e-commerce sector (for the direct sales), showing strong performance: a +8,5% growth. The value of the online sales approaches 300 million euro.

Cosmetics products – Uses of 2017

The value of cosmetics purchased in Italy will reach 10.000 million euros for the year and the market composition is as follows: