The emergency situation of the last few weeks has put a severe strain on everyone and the economic recovery in the near future will force us to face new challenges.

The market we were accustomed to is about to change and our customers will start to move towards new types of products and new methods of purchase.

We have thought about a sound recovery strategy: we want to embrace MINI SIZES’ philosophy, which today is already a trend, but tomorrow will help us to reconnect with our customers through promotion and incentive actions.

2020 started with a boom of mini sizes, for different types of products: make-up, fragrances, skincare, hair care. The mini sizes are practical, “purse size” and, above all, guarantee the same performance of the big size.

Thinking about the situation in which we are all living, “phase two” will inevitably lead us to have new lifestyle habits, however we will still want to rediscover the pleasure of being together, to be liked and, above all, to like ourselves.

Mini make-up will be an easy and immediate tool, able to attract the public which is still distant and to revive the sales of the items that have been on the shelves in these last few weeks.