Pibiplast means tradition and continuous innovation of technologies and design, great technical knowledge of the product and attention to trendy aesthetics.

The difficult period we have experienced in recent months has certainly led us to reconsider our priorities, put aside everything that is “extraordinary” to find what is instead ordinary and essential.

That’s why today we want to focus on our standard lines, which reflect this desire to find simplicity, clean lines and quality.

Eye-catching designs are offered in every line of the wide offer of make-up standards, already appreciated by various brands in the international cosmetic sector.

Classic and cylindrical shapes, such as our Positano, Porto Cervo and Stromboli lines, amphora (Chianti and Giove), or even slender and tapered – Marte, Como – or conical with different cap options such as for the Arena, Victoria and Nathalie .

Our catalog also offers containers for different types of emulsion: lip gloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow, concealer, for which we have high-thickness containers of different capacities.

The Modena, Verona, Montalcino lines are an example, together with the Monza, which is also proposed with a long and ergonomic cap that makes it suitable for the application of eyeliner, eyebrow and eyeshadow.

This standard portfolio is enriched by an equally wide range of applicators: Pibiplast is a leader in the production of mascara applicators: over 500 brushes to meet any application need, made with fibers including some customized by us.

The deep study of fibers, shapes, applicator specifications by our marketing and R&D office, allows us to meet the request of synergy with the latest formulas, creating successful combinations adopted by formulators and brands.

It is a work of extreme importance, welcomed by our clients, becoming more and more the soul of our work.