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The dilemma we face before every trip is always the same: what should we put in our beauty case? The main difficulty is that we don’t want to do without our beauty care products, but standard sizes are a no-no – hence the need to create  packaging mini-size.

Always quick to respond to the market’s demands, Pibiplast launches “travel” packaging , travel size packs for maintaining your beauty routine even away from home.

Mini-size packs are handy and versatile, and enable you to take your favourite beauty care product with you when travelling or on any occasion.

The small, stylish objects that make up the entire Travel line have been selected from the various lines in the catalogue. Beauty on the move starts from packaging to include contents.
Mini-size elegance is embodied by the  Giulia 50 ml bottles, perfect for a bath foam or a facial cleanser.

The convenient 30 ml Dafne bottle allows products to be dispensed in small doses, and thanks to its particularly thick sides it conserves the product intact, with an impressive barrier effect. Suitable for facial creams or lotions, it is the basis of every travel beauty routine.
A body cream is an essential, and the handy tube means it is always available.

Simplicity itself is represented by the Morris roll on in 40 ml size, a convenient stick deodorant indispensable for every eventuality.

As well as body care, hair care is fundamental when travelling. Therefore, the 30ml  Elvis dropper bottle with handy scalp applicator provides practical, direct delivery.

Every trip becomes hassle-free thanks to mini-size travel packaging. Explore the new packagings on our site,

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