The Party clutch bag and the Elvis bottle complete the “Life is a Collection of Moments” collection.

The life of every woman is increasingly full of commitments, even of evening events. Inaugurations of restaurants, art exhibitions, private and exclusive events, where it is necessary to be chic and fashionable not only in clothing, but also in hair style and make-up.

Today’s woman wants to feel and look like a celebrity, impeccable and beautiful for any type of “red carpet”. A glam, unique, sophisticated make-up, so as not to go unnoticed, the Pibiplast branded Party clutch bag helps.

Thanks to the constant study of the applicators and the excellent combination of the products contained within the packaging, the creation of a professional make-up is guaranteed.

How can you make a Red Carpet make-up? Here are the steps to follow.

Create a perfect base with a liquid foundation contained inside the Elvis bottle.

The simplicity of the shape and the 30 ml capacity makes it very practical, elegant and well proportioned, suitable for being customized at will. Its dispenser has a well-calibrated hole which makes it a very versatile packaging for products with a fluid consistency both for face make-up and for Skin-care.

The second step is an intense and impeccable Smokey eyes thanks to the two applicators in the Monza packaging that allow uniformity and precision.

The first is a flat spatula, rounded in the upper part, with good flexibility for a comfortable application, the second, more slender and inclined, is an excellent tool for creating an eyeliner-type line.

Mascara is a must, and to make the application on the lashes even more intense, comes the Primer. The former, in the Positano line , gives a volume and intense effect thanks to a very performing brush, made with the special Pibiplast FLOWER fiber, for a real wow effect! The latter, in the Porto Cervo line, has a brush made of wavy fiber that allows the application of the primer evenly on all lashes, creating a formidable base.

A touch on the lips is the perfect conclusion. Our Modena line  is combined with a precision applicator that collects the right amount of product to have flawless “flash-proof” lips.

Every woman is ready to be the queen of the party, after all life is made of moments. Life is a Collection of Moments.

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