Pibiplast is at Cosmetics Business in Munich with its skincare and make-up packaging

This year, on 5-6 June, Pibiplast will once again be in attendance at Cosmetics Business MOC Munich 2019, pavilion 4 stand D14, where it will be presenting the latest products and trends in the area of cosmetic skincare and make-up packaging.

Held once a year, Cosmetics Business is the only trade fair in Germany where international cosmetics companies and packaging suppliers meet to develop new ideas, share experiences and network.

As at Cosmoprof, the main theme at this year’s Cosmetics Business will be environmental sustainability.

To mark the occasion Pibiplast will be presenting its “Thinks Greencosmetic packaging.

In fact, thanks to its use of production processes with low environmental impact, its reduction and recycling of waste, and its research into new raw materials, today Pibiplast can proudly claim to produce “cosm-ethical” packaging. We propose two solutions: the use of raw materials from renewable sources or from recycled material.

For Pibiblast, recycling represents an excellent opportunity in the green cosmetic packaging world. Indeed, the regeneration of post-consumer recycled bottles makes it possible to produce R-PET and R-PE bottles, reducing atmospheric CO² emissions.

In addition to recycled materials Pibiplast will also be exhibiting its signature packaging deriving from renewable sources, Green PE and Green PET.

The trade fair will be an excellent showcase for the three different cosmetic bags in the make-up packaging collection that comprise the “Life is a collection of moments” line.

The three cosmetic bags, with their clean and linear packaging, come complete with efficient and easy-to-use applicators. They share a single goal: to allow every woman to take care of her appearance whenever and wherever she needs to: Life is a collection of moments!

At Cosmetics Business an original new make-up bag from the “Life is a collection of moments” collection will be presented. Which one? Come and visit us at the trade fair and we’ll be delighted to present it to you together with all of the other Pibiplast-branded cosmetic packaging.

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