Pibiplast at Cosmopack 2019 Bologna Fiere

From 14 to 17 March Pibiplast will be participating at Cosmopack 2019 Bologna Fiere (stand G6-H5, pavilion 15) where the latest products and trends in the area of Skincare and Make-Up cosmetic packaging will be on show.

Cosmopack is the most important international trade fair dedicated to all phases of the cosmetic packaging production chain. From raw materials to ingredients, made-to-order production to packaging, and applicators through to machines and full-service solutions.

The theme of the 2019 show is environmental sustainability. The need to safeguard the equilibrium of the environment is of increasing relevance to the manufacturing industry and the cosmetic packaging sector in particular. Markets are extremely keen to reward the use of technologies and materials with low environmental footprints.

To mark the occasion Pibiplast will be presenting its “Think Green” cosmetic packaging.

In fact, thanks to its use of production processes with low environmental impact, its reduction and recycling of waste, and its research into new raw materials, today Pibiplast can proudly claim to produce “cosm-ethical” packaging. We propose two solutions: the use of raw materials from renewable sources or from recycled material.

For Pibiplast, recycling represents an excellent opportunity in the green cosmetic packaging world. Indeed, the regeneration of post-consumer recycled bottles makes it possible to produce R-PET and R-PE bottles, reducing atmospheric CO2 emissions.

Not just recycled materials. Pibiplast will be presenting a material deriving from renewable sources such as sugar cane – Green PE and Green PET – which can be used to produce cosmetic packaging.

In the field of cosmetic packaging dropper lines PHAR-MIX and Elvis represent an important new development. Available in volumes of between 3 ml and 60 ml, these products are ideal for applying liquid foundation thanks to their droppers. In addition, in order to fulfil squeezability requirements the PEHD / PELD blend can be varied for all bottles.

The Cosmopack show in Bologna is a great opportunity to become more familiar with our company, to view and touch our cosmetic packaging with your own hands and to discuss key topics in depth with our sales reps.

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