Where make up meets luxury, Pibiplast is there

Demonstrating great attention to what the market demands, making full use of its innovative drive and its undisputed technical capabilities, Pibiplast now launches a new mascara. All of this thinking about those brands that want to give maximum value to their products and want to reach customers who aim to achieve a prestigious and high-performance make up.

In the uniqueness of daily make-up time, with the desire to be liked and, above all, liking yourself, wanting to give value to your appearance, live the day at its best and always feel satisfied …. Here lies the combination of luxury and our make-up product.

This is how the Dolomiti line was born, which today consists of 3 different items: a slim mascara to meet all-in-one, definition and extension mascara needs, with small, cylindrical, conical and well performing applicators; a medium-sized mascara for classical volume performances, with applicators available in different fibers, including two special Pibiplas fibers. Here it comes the third item of the range: a packaging with essential technical specifications to get extra volume, false lashes or/and buildable volume results. The wide diameter rod allows you to work with remarkable performance brushes in order to meet most intense release needs. The elegance of anodized aluminum, the neat and defined lines and the perfect closure, that gives an additional plus, make the Dolimiti a suitable line to have in range a prestigious product. Very chic, customizable with polished or matt finish and in the wished colors.

Take a look at the Dolomiti line in our online catalogue, so you can take into consideration all three aluminum items.