PCD Paris 2020, clean beauty, influencer, sustainablility.

From 29 to 30 January Pibiplast Group will be present at the fifteenth edition of the PCD Paris 2019 fair at stand J-32, presenting the latest packaging innovations and trends for Make-Up and Skincare.

PCD Paris 2020 is the French exhibition that brings together all the largest packaging manufacturers on the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market within the “Porte de Versailles” exhibition center.

A showcase on the world of packaging for cosmetics that allows to create new relationships between suppliers and with new potential customers.

The phenomenon of clean beauty, sustainability of packaging, the influence of influencers and the latest packaging technologies, are the main themes of this edition and source of inspiration for Pibiplast.

Pibiplast will take advantage of this opportunity to present the latest innovations launched on the market. Firsy, there will be eco-sustainable packaging created thanks to the use of raw materials deriving from renewable sources and from recycled material.

In fact, thanks to the use of low environmental impact production processes, reduction and reuse of waste, research of new raw materials, today Pibiplast can boast a “cosm-ethically correct” packaging production. Two solutions we can offer: use of raw materials deriving from renewable sources or from recycled material.

For Pibiplast, recycling represents an excellent opportunity in the world of cosmetic green packaging.

In fact, the regeneration of post-consumer recycled bottles allows the creation of bottles in R-PET and R-PE material, allowing the reduction of CO² emissions into the atmosphere.

For the make-up part, the latest “Life is a collections of moments” collections will still be available …waiting for the new collection that will be available that will be available from Cosmopack 2020.

The make-up needs that the modern woman has, according to the moment she is experiencing, are well represented here: Rushour, Cuddle Time, Tutorial Attitude, Sporty and Party Time.

The right opportunity to get to know Pibiplast better, to see live and touch our best cosmetic packaging and talk to our contacts to better understand every aspect of interest.

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