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Pibiretail: cosmetic containers available in stock

Cosmetic containers available in stock with no minimum order


PibiRetail is synonymous with opportunity, because it places clients in the privileged position of being able to order our empty cosmetic containers without any minimum order obligation. A wide selection of cosmetics industry packaging solutions, available also piece by piece and customisable with closure systems, flip-top caps and dispenser pumps of various types. A “made to measure” service designed to offer flexibility, with the hallmark quality guarantee that has always accompanied all Pibiplast products.


1. You have the chance to purchase the exact amount of cosmetic containers and accessories that you need, starting from 1 box and up to 5000 pieces.

2. We always have an extensive stock of cosmetic containers in our warehouse, so there is no production-related waiting time.

3. Shipping is tracked, with orders processed in the space of a few hours and delivered by a trusted courier.

4. Our cosmetic packaging is Made in Italy: from design and manufacturing through to packing, choosing our cosmetic containers means choosing excellent quality and respect for the environment.

Our special offers!

Your satisfaction is one of our core values, which is why we introduced this section where, from time to time, you can find our special promotions on cosmetic containers.

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