Cosmetic tubes

The Pibitubes division, with 5 production lines and 2 additional printing units, can offer a wide range of flexible cosmetic tubes in PE from 16 to 60 mm in diameter (5 ml to 400 ml size) plus the option to personalise the items using the following technologies:

  • Decoration with up to 6-colour lithographic printing
  • Automated in-line labelling
  • Screen printing with 1-5 colours
  • Hot stamping

Thanks to its integration with Pibiplast S.p.A. production departments, the Pibitubes division can also produce various types of tube accessories in-house, including:

  • Screw caps
  • Flip-top caps with oriented opening


 Our tubes are available in Thinks Green materials too

Download Pibitubes catalogue”

Download complete catalogue of Pibiplast cosmetics Tubes

Closure systems of our cosmetic tubes


Cosmetic tubes measuring ø 35-40-50-60 mm are available with flip-top caps oriented to the front of the decoration, with shiny or satin exterior finish. Option of personalisation with custom colours and hot stamping.