During next years, the common keys words will be “INNOVATIVE” – “EFFECTIVE” and “NATURAL”. The research conducted by Cosmetica Italia shows that consumers expect increasingly organic, affordable and ecological products, while operators tend to focus more on safety and product life cycle.

And what is expected of packaging? For consumers, first that it be practical and recyclable, colorful, attractive, always with the possibility of refills, in standard formats and monodose, and with incorporated diagnostic tools. Operators with a firm conviction in tecnological advances, imagine increasingly intelligent packaging (integrated QR codes) and materials that offer maximum protection of the product. In a word, they are focused on functionality.

The survay also investigated how cosmetics are purchased and where: in 10 years they will be buying primarly online and only occasionally at traditional retail shops. The largest share is made up of multi-channel consumers who using on-off with the same frequency.

The future of the cosmetic industry in order to valorize Made in Italy and compete on the global market will be guaranteed by its capacity for accomodating numerous ethical, social and environmental demands.