Custom service, packaging made-to-measure for you

We like turning your ideas into reality

Custom packaging for cosmetics is a service developed by Pibiplast for those companies that believe in the value and effectiveness of product personalisation.

Always a step ahead of prevailing beauty trends, for many years Pibiplast has been producing bottles, jars and tottles in a range of shapes, sizes and materials, satisfying even the most demanding clients.

Pibiplast is there to support you at every step of the packaging journey, from the original idea to the design and prototype stages, through to the finished product, which can slot into an existing line or represent a brand new proposal, as an exclusive, original container to make any product unique and precious.

Personalisation of plastic packaging for the cosmetics industry can focus on printing and coating techniques such as laser and ink-jet on various different surfaces; alternatively, it can concentrate on the shape of the container. Whatever the case, Pibiplast offers clients cutting-edge technology and design in terms of printing, extrusion and injection moulding, catering to all customisation requirements thanks to 3D rendering and prototyping with 3D printing.

Our tailor-made programme allows us to combine materials, finishes and colours to suit specific design requirements and personal taste.

Cosmetics industry companies can draw on our engineering expertise and extensive experience to invest ordinary plastic containers with all the exclusivity and originality needed.