Pibiplast presents the new clutch suitable to create a Make-Up dedicated to sport.

Perfect mascara after an hour of running, flawless complexion after a day on the skis, defined lips during the tennis match, impossible? Not at all thanks to Pibiplast.

Sports are now an integral part of every woman’s life, experienced by modern women as a real “cuddle”, to relieve daily tensions and dedicate themselves to themselves, without giving up make-up.

So here comes the Pibiplast Sporty Time clutch bag.

Resistance and naturalness are the keywords for a makeup suitable for fitness. The combination of the five products allows the creation of a natural, long-lasting, sweat and water-resistant make-up.

The packaging of Sporty Time clutch bag, sport Make-Up

Waterproof mascara: the hourglass brush with an elongated and thin shape allows you to take the right amount of product giving each single lash, even the shortest ones, in one single pass and volume. Positano line.

All-in-One mascara: the applicator of this mascara allows precision and comfort. On one side, the brush made of plastic gives a first draft of volume, while on the other side the comb separates and defines the eyelashes. Porto Cervo line.

Tint for Lips and Cheeks: the application is comfortable and precise, thanks to the softness and flexibility of the new DROP applicator. The teardrop shape allows you to outline and fill the lips in one pass. The special elongated and dense fiber makes this applicator also suitable for face products such as cream blush, concealer and foundation. Modena line.

Lips Tint: the application turns into a cuddle, thanks to the applicator that flexes and releases the right amount of product. The precision in the application is guaranteed using the upper part of the applicator. Porto Cervo Line.

Fixing Spray: thanks to the fine nebulizer, the application of water is pleasant and delicate. The ideal ally for fixing makeup and cooling off during training. Albert line

Life is a collection of moments and Pibiplast aims to satisfy them and make them unique.

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