New products coming out in our new collection, which will continue to be enriched during the year.

It will not be the usual thematic collection, but a “path” that leads to a better understanding of who and how Pibiplast works, the concept of working in synergy between formula and container, which leads customers to choose a combination.

Not all applicators are the same, not all of them work in the same way, however several have common characteristics that can be the key to good performance.

With this path that will be full of combinations, we want to show the types of brushes and applicators, suitable for each type of formula: nothing is given to chance as it may seem, it is instead an “deep”  study of the shape and material of the fiber, of even thousandth adjustments of the specs of an applicator, a concept work ….. our CONCEPT HUB which will be the center of this path.

We will present three mascaras that are all highly effective: EMPHASIZE, AS BIG AS YOU WANT and CURVES OBSESSION. Each one in our Chianti line container, for a highly effective result for every claim, thanks to the combination with new brushes made with our special Flower, Cross blade and other fibers.

Three types of lip formulas will then be presented: a gloss, a matte and a lacquer, for each type we will show the ideal flocked applicator. So here is FIRST KISS, a gloss formula that recalls the timing of the first kiss, combined with our “Deviltail” flock; NO JEALOUSY, for a matte formula that does not allow betrayals, combined with our “spoon” applicator combined with a special fiber to make the application more comfortable; BOSSY LIPS, the lacquer for a determined woman, with our long-haired “Duck beak” applicator.

Last series of products the one dedicated to eyebrows, BROWSE ON THE BROW is our motto, a roundup of products to have a natural effect (NATURALLY BROW), designed at will (SHAPE OF YOU) or squared (MANGA STYLE).

It’s time to play with us!