As promised, the Pibiplast make-up collection is enriched with 4 new products.

Despite the situation, which we hope will recover soon, and the cancellation of the Cosmetic Business main tradeshows that usually allow us to get in touch with customers, we did not give up and we presented the first part of the collection in videoconference, with great enthusiasm of the various customers, who could play at the same time with the filled samples we sent prior to the meeting.

Here we are, ready to present the sequel.

Always in the Chianti line component, the “ALL AT ONCE” mascara, meets the needs of an ALL-IN-ONE performance, combining a very particular brush shape with our Flower fiber. On the lips side, “VELVETY” match a DEMI MATTE formula with a flock with a precise and “velvety” yield like the bulk itself.  “spOILing” is a lip oil that covers the lips in one pass thanks to the “Turbo” super flock, and a “BROWFUL” eyebrow product that completes the range of the previous trio providing the possibility of having greater release on the eyebrows, thanks to the flocked applicator with rigid hair for a precise application (without smudging).

As you see, our mascara applicators are often made with special Pibiplast fibers tsuch as the Flower and the Cross Blade fibers. Coming from our own engineering and customized for us, both with a unique geometry of the section that allows to have a better product pick up, the results are brushes which, together with the study of their density and shape, are very performing.

Each brush of our stock range can be reproduced using these two fibers, several brands have now discovered the winning move of using these applicators.

Once again we want to demonstrate that the study of fibers and their well-calibrated use allows us to achieve excellent results with different formulas. At the same time, playing with different fibers and brushes on the same formula allows to reach different application results. This has always been the purpose of the Concept Hub, a project that will always be the soul of our core business.